CorvidAid is currently closed

Unfortunately, due to a change of circumstances, CorvidAid is unable to offer help and advice for the forseeable future. However, help may be available at the following sites.

Bay Animal Housing
Beautiful aviaries and enclosures at a fantastic price, Highly recommended

Corvid Journal
Fantastic site full of useful information about Corvids and their behaviour; run by good friend Sheryl la Bouchardie.

Against Corvid Traps
A great site for people wanting to abolish these terrible traps.

Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue
A corvid-friendly sanctuary.

Independent Bird Register
Nationwide register for lost, found and stolen birds. Handy for any imprinted or disabled capture corvids and those which are captive bred.

Leicestershire Rook Rescue
Corvid rescue specializing in rooks. Great website.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Deals with all the legal aspects of wild birds in captivity.

Pugneys Swan and Wildlife Sanctuary
Another corvid-friendly sanctuary in Yorkshire.

The main homepage for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The main homepage for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

St Tiggywinkle’s Wildlife Hospital
A corvid-friendly rescue centre and hospital based in Buckinghamshire.

Wing and a Prayer Bird Haven
Corvid-friendly sanctuary and good friends of Corvid Aid.

The Wildlife Lodge
A corvid-friendly sanctuary on the London and Kent border.

New Arc
A corvid-friendly sanctuary in Aberdeenshire.

Abbey House Veterinary Hospital
Small animal practice with surgeries in Morley, Rothwell and Cleckheaton in Yorkshire. Special thanks to Tom Clarke for seeing to all our birds.

Crows R Us
Newly established specialists in rescuing corvids.

Ian Saxon
Will ocassionaly take corvids in the Powys area of Wales. His number is 01686 650146.

Cage and Aviary Birds Magazine
Sometimes have corvid-related articles.

Safe Pet Pens
Provide aviaries built to your specifications. Based in Selby.

Northern Parrots
Great place to find lots of interesting toys for your corvids.

Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue

Sussex Corvid Rescue
Call Julia on 01323 644 168.

Sussex Crow & Corvid Rescue
07785 223233

Wildlife In Need
Corvid-friendly sanctuary in Bournemouth. Call Lynne on 07770 478660.

Wayne Boylan
Will take any disabled or imprinted corvids. Call 07857 308800.

Will take any corvids in her area (East Anglia/Cambridge). Call 07846 319467.