corvidaid. caring for corvids and other wildlife
 Welcome to the site.

Welcome to Corvid Aid

Welcome to the website of Corvid Aid. A small, independently run wildlife sanctuary specialising in the rescue and rehabilitation of corvids (the eight species of British corvid being the carrion crow, the hooded crow, the rook, raven, jackdaw, chough, magpie and the jay). The centre is based in West Yorkshire, England.

If you think you can help in any way, whether that be through a donation, caring for an imprinted bird, or just some moral support. Please get in touch.

Click here for a print-off PDF emergency care guide.

We were featured in the Telegraph newspaper. You can read the article Learning To Love Crows by clicking the link provided.

Crows and magpies in Britain are to be trapped and killed in the first large-scale trial of culling to protect songbirds and save the disappearing dawn chorus. Follow the link to sign the Crow Cull petition.


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